Writing the Vision Book 1

by Terry G. Nelson



About the author
In 1994 I walked into a church and heard the preacher preach with power like I had never heard before. And before long I joined that church. I was longing for something, but I didn’t know what. The pastor’s name was Bishop J. D. Wiley and I couldn’t get enough of God’s word at the church called Life Center in New Orleans. Eight years went by and in the year 2002 I walked out of the church due to the issues of life bearing down on me and ceased to do God’s will and began to do my own. My marriage fell apart after seventeen years, my job went away after seventeen years, my car had been wreaked and with all this and other things going on I lost sight of God. At that point I had enough. I moved to Junction City Kansas where I live a life outside of the will of God, not knowing that God had not left me, but I had left Him. When I left Kansas, I left three teen children. I stopped covering them in prayer, I stopped anything that had to do with the Christian life. Two years later I returned home to bury my fifteen-year-old who had drowned. After returning to Kansas my sinful condition worsened. Now ten years past and without me knowing or understanding God moved me back to New Orleans. And back to The Life Center Cathedral where Bishop J.D. Wiley Taylor Is still preaching and souls are still being saved. I joined the church again and to this day I am free. I married the lovely Cassandra Fain. After finding a Job in November of 2012 I began writing blog post with an internet marketing business. In hopes of making some extra money. It didn’t work. But one day I heard it said that if you are going to write you should write about something you are passionate about. So, I began writing about Jesus in the way of inspirational messages. I began sharing them with the young men at work. One of them told me this. Mr. T, this is some good material, you should write a book. I thought about it but until I kept seeing and hearing things about publishing a book, I didn’t think about or do anything. I had never written anything before, and I am now over fifty. Finally, I filled out a form online with a self-publisher and the process had begun. Writing The Vision was born. God had pulled out of me something I never knew I had. One other thing happened before I wrote my first manuscript. I was sitting at the computer preparing to write when the thought arose in my head. I wonder if I can write a story. And in an instant, I began to write my first story called The Story Teller. My hope is that I can be the conduit that helps someone see God and become all that God created them to be. That someone will come to see themselves as God sees them.

About the book
This book was written to share God’s love by way of stories, inspiring messages, and more in hopes that the reader’s life will be changed and that he or she will be drawn to the book of the greatest stories ever written, stories that are the truth and inspired by God. Others have been inspired by these writings, and many others will. This book puts into story form God’s love and sometimes the wrath of God. It will touch your heart and the hearts of others.

Additional information

Author's Name

Terry G. Nelson

Publication Date

October 24, 2019




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