You Came to Stay

by: Dawna Dooley

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About the author
Dawna Dooley Born in Northern British Columbia, now residing in Medicine Hat Alberta with her family. It was during college in the early 90’s that my love of literature and story writing began. Md Monoar Hossain: Born in 1984 and lives Dhaka Bangladesh with his family. To everybody who knows him he’s known as “Shaikat” From an early age Shaikat had an inspiration for drawing. This then lead him to study the art of drawing and illustration once he was older. He has now completed his education and is working as an illustrator. Shaikat has completed several illustrations for various children’s books already and hopes to do more in the future.

About the book
You’ve come to stay, for how long no one could say. This is the story of Foster Parents who embark on the journey of taking in another child. As the days go by and the baby grows, they encounter a loving but emotional journey.

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Author's Name

Dawna Dooley

Publication Date

March 28, 2018






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