Professional Book Reviews


Integrity is an indispensable characteristic that can hoist all the right selling angles of your book. An objective and professional review of your book can build the “believability” factor necessary to arm your book when it hits the marketplace.

A book review is an exceptional way to breed curiosity for your name. Getting a positive book review will give your title the stamp of approval that readers, buyers, and retailers use in their buying decision. This makes it easier for the decision makers to zero in on your book for purchase.

US Review of Books

The US Review of Books connects authors with professional book reviewers and places their book reviews in front of 17,000 subscribers in their free monthly newsletter of fiction book reviews and nonfiction book reviews.

Pacific Book Review

Fortify your book’s integrity with a professional book review service. It is PBR’s primary aspiration to provide quality book reviews for experienced authors as well as those just starting in the world of writing. Use all or part of your review to enhance your marketing materials and choose to have it archived in a variety of title information databases used by booksellers and librarians who make purchasing decisions. Get your book noticed immediately and increase your book sales.

The Pacific Book Review is a recipient of the Honoring Excellence and Best Websites for Authors awards by the Association of Independent Authors and is a member of the National Book Critics Circle and the National Education Association.

Kirkus Book Review

Get your book reviewed and recommended by the most trusted voice in book discovery for 84 years. PageTurner’s Kirkus Indie Marketing bundle joins the Kirkus Indie Review Service with PageTurner’s catalog listing. This gets distributed to Kirkus’s database, and an advertisement within the pages of Kirkus Reviews magazine will be created to provide a potent marketing mix in the selling of your book.

With an average of two million website impressions per month, Kirkus yet remains an undisputed authority in book discovery. With at least fifty-five thousand Kirkus email newsletter subscribers, you can be sure your book gets that chance to be discovered by industry influencers, agents, publishers, and consumers. The review delivers a truthful, caveat-emptor assessment, with the same unprejudiced rule book and in the same format and style as a traditional Kirkus review.

Clarion Book Review

Clarion Review is the industry’s first and most trusted fee-for-review service for indie and self-publishers. They use a team of more than one hundred qualified reviewers to help you connect your stories with the hearts and minds of booksellers, librarians, and readers excited to find undiscovered indie literature.

BlueInk Book Review

A trustworthy book review is significant for every book. It determines how you edge against other titles in the marketplace. Above all, in a world of strangers, it’s like telling your reader, “Hey, the people have spoken. I’m the one to deal. Go get me!” Make that noise for your book.

BlueInk Review is the first review service dedicated wholly to reviewing self-published books. It can greatly increase your indie book’s visibility. Founded by an internationally known literary agent and an award-winning book review editor, BlueInk offers a truthful and objective analysis of your book.



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