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    Arthur X. Deegan II

    Lifelong Bible Scholar Publishes Books with PageTurner Press and Media

    As a man who spent twelve years in a Catholic seminary, Arthur X. Deegan II is no stranger to the Scripture and the biblical truths. Though fate had led him to earn an MBA and a doctor’s degree in business administration, ultimately leading him to become an educator and a management consultant to various private and religious organization, Deegan never really forgot his passion for biblical truths and oft-neglected details in the Bible.


    Though retired, Deegan is still unflagging in his desire to serve. He has continued to lead a Bible study group and has been actively participating in church events and organizations. Aside from leading a busy religious and social life together with Patricia, his wife of sixty-one years, Deegan is also a published author of religious books—The Appearances of the Risen Christ, The Bread of Life Discourse, and The Hidden Life of Mary. All of which are published under PageTurner Press and Media’s banner.


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    Dr. Lance Fogan

    From Neurologist to PageTurner Press and Media Author

    Life brought many surprising twists and turns to Dr. Lance Fogan. Long before becoming a neurologist and professor of neurology, he took up anthropology and linguistics at the State University of New York at Buffalo. An after-school job at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo influenced him to take up medicine, and later, he took up neurology as his specialty.

    Before becoming a PageTurner Press and Media author, Dr. Fogan has worked at various institutions, including Kaiser Permanente in Medical Center in Southern California as a general clinical neurologist, a position he held until his retirement in 1997. He has also taught as a clinical professor of neurology at the UCLA School of Medicine.

    Dr. Fogan was awarded the American Academy of Neurology History Prize for his paper “The Neurology in Shakespeare.” He is also an active champion of epilepsy awareness and shares his knowledge of the illness through blogs and on social media. His family drama novel Dings touches upon epilepsy and how the disorder changes people’s lives.


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    A. L. Masters

    History to Crime and Mystery: Unmasking the Different Sides of One Man

    PageTurner Press and Media’s author A. L. Masters has already published a number of books before becoming a crime and mystery author. Before becoming A. L. Masters, Ken Webb has had a successful career as a modern and ancient history lecturer to both senior students and teachers. He has also authored a number of history textbooks, study guides, and articles that were published in New South Wales, Victoria, and other parts of Australia.

    But however successful Ken Webb might be, his love for crime and mystery won him over until he decided to publish, under the name A. L. Masters, his first book of the Detective Inspector Spence Hargreaves series, Malicious Obsessions. He then continued to write more Detective Inspector Hargreaves novels—Delusions and Grandeur and The Evil of Virtue—with the fourth novel underway.


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    Deborah Bouchard

    Evangelist and Educator on a Quest to Uncovering the Mysteries of Faith

    Deborah Bouchard is a woman of many facets. She’s not just a wife, mother, educator, and speaker. She’s also an evangelist and Bible scholar, who seeks the truth about the goodness and judgment of God. Bouchard is passionate about spreading the word of God and shares that passion by teaching God’s children and those who seek God’s truth and mercy. 

    This mother of two is not only busy with raising her family, along with her husband of more than forty years, she is also an active member of a missionary for the world. Her over twenty years of service in the missionary was only put on halt by the pandemic that is currently aggravating the whole world. 

    Bouchard currently has published four books through PageTurner Press and Media: Mystery of the Keys of the Kingdom, El Misterio del Reino de los Cielos, Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven, and Mystery of the Keys. She and her husband currently lives in North Georgia.


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    Sarah Crawford

    PageTurner Press and Media Author Pushes Boundaries

    To some, being born with a disability might be a challenge, but for Sarah Crawford, having a high-function autism posed no challenge. Born in Lake Jackson, Texas, and was raised by her mom in Clute, Texas, she has lived her life never shying away from challenges. Her situation has never hindered her from living her life. In fact, she has finished her high school at Brazoswood High School and even attended Brazosport College, but she dropped out.

    As one who never shies away from creativity and life’s challenges, she works alongside Corey Cobb, who is on the same level as her in the autism spectrum. Currently, she is one of PageTurner Press and Media’s published authors. She has published a fantasy novel The Great Adventures of Galaxy Protectors, which revolves around a girl who challenges the stereotype and never hesitates to push the boundaries, much like Crawford herself.


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    Stanley Howard Mazin

    From Theater to Screen: One Man’s Journey in the Entertainment Industry

    With decades of experience in showbusiness, Stanley Howard Mazin has seen more than enough in the biz. Mazin has started his acting career in Broadway and has acted in a number of shows. He has also acted on the screen. He has numerous TV and movies under his belt, including blockbuster films and critically acclaimed films and shows that made it to the Academy Awards, Tonys, Emmys, and the Teen Choice Awards.

    In Mazin’s A Dancer in Depth: Paragraph from a Theatre Life, published by PageTurner Press and Media, walk in the shoes of a man who has lived and breathed the entertainment industry. Live, love, and laugh at the personalities in the biz through the lenses Mazin lends us. In this nonchronological accounts, uncover a man who is more than an entertainer. Let A Dancer in Depth reveal a mensch that is Stanely Howard Mazin.


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    Patricia Derrick

    A Childhood Educator Through and Through

    Patricia Derrick, is not just one of the run-in-the-mill kind of author. This PageTurner Press and Media author is on a mission. As a childhood educator since twenty, Derrick understands the value of children’s books in teaching children not only morals and values but of reading as well. This passion earned her sixteen awards and had led her to creating Intellitale Video series.

    After more than thirty years of owning and operating early learning and Montessori schools, Derrick is no longer content with reaching out to a few children. That is why she decided to publish children’s books in the hopes that these books are picked up by parents with pre-reading children to help prepare them for the wonders of reading. Catalina and the Duke of Lombard and Riley the Rhinoceros are a few of the books Derrick has published with PageTurner Press and Media.


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Prizewinning Authors

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Natsuya Uesugi Dubois

The 2021 Triumphs of PageTurner’s Favorite Cyberpunk Fictionist

Natsuya Uesugi’s cyberpunk epic grydscaen series challenged our perception of technology and how it would affect us in the future. Filled with wonderful illustrations and a thrilling tale of the cyberworld, Uesugi’s grydscaen world was a marvel. It was no wonder then that Uesugi’s grydscaen: dark created waves in the literary world as it earned awards and honorable mentions.


Grydscaen: dark was one of the winners for the Teen category for Speak Up Talk Radio’s July 2021 Firebird Book Award and was a runner-up for the 2021 PenCraft Book Award, under the Thriller—General category. This PageTurner Press ad Media best seller was also in the honorable mention list in the 2021 San Francisco Book Festival, for the Young Adult category, and at the 2021 Hollywood Book Festival, for the Science Fiction category. It had also been nominated to various book award-giving bodies, including the New England Book Festival (Fiction genre), International Impact Book Awards (Adventure Genre), Book Excellence Award (Technology Genre), and the Royal Dragonfly Book Award (Science Fiction/Fantasy category). And just recently, Natsuya bagged the October 2021 International Impact Book Award for Adventure for his grydscaen: dark.


Book Awards

PageTurner’s Authors Get Nods from the Pacific Book Reviewers

For this year’s Pacific Book Awards, PageTurner’s authors gained the approval from different Pacific Book reviewers as six authors won seven book categories and five authors placed as finalists for six different categories.

The winning pack was led by Stanley D. Rainbow who won the Best Philosophy and Best Spirituality categories for his book God Inspired Quotations and Understandings. Diana Gillmor’s 1946: A True Story of Wealth, Extraordinary Success and Great Tragedy was named the Best Biography, while T. Steele Petry’s Little Abbey and Her Animals was the Best Children’s Picture Book for six and older. Robert J. O’Keefe’s Liberty and the Wall: Of Separation between Church and State won the Best Current Events and Politics book, Subhash S. Naik won the Best Education book for The Earth in Custody: Verse of lament and comment, and Christine Korb’s The Music Therapy Profession: Inspiring Health, Wellness, and Joy was name the Best Philosophy book.

PageTurner authors who made it to the finalists’ list include Terry Boucher for her book Christmas Peas and Princesses: A Story of Love and Dreams (Best Children’s Book), Joann Klusmeyer’s Treasure Chest (Coming of Age), Jean Anderson’s Nurturing from Afar (Best Memoir), J. Henry Warren’s Made in America 2.0 (Best Non-Fiction), and Summer Bozohora’s Soul Side Out: Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life (Best Spirituality and Best Self-Help).

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