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The Book of Scattered Memories

The Book of Scattered Memories

A Maggie's Bed and Breakfast Story

by Eva D. Beaty

About The Book

The story continues in part two of Maggie's Bed and Breakfast. The girls were getting used to their mom being back in their lives but it wasn't long before their mom lost her battle with Memocoma. Maggie finds a book in a box of her mother's belongings that were left for her and her sisters. It turns out to be her mother's diary. Maggie keeps the book to herself as much as possible, wanting to read it first. She discovers some things that are so unbelievable that she has to wonder if they are real or just some of her mom's crazy scattered memories. Things that were hidden in the diary would change the lives of everyone around her for sure. Maggie continues to wonder just what her future holds and learns that she does not need to be related to be sisters. 
A car crash brings someone new into their lives and she hopes that this will be the end of the secretes. All of this because of a box that contained a Diary full of scattered memories.

Her love of Movies and film contributed to her desire to write stories. She wrote her first book, Maggie's Bed and Breakfast (A New Start), in 2013. She was still working, so she would use receipt tape to jot down her ideas at lunch. She completed her thoughts in part two and wrote The Book of Scattered Memories (A Maggie's Bed and Breakfast Story), in 2015. She completed her third book called Sam (a girl undercover) in 2017. She admits to being a daydreamer at heart and enjoys writing her daydreams down on paper for her fellow daydreamers. 

Publication date September 13,2022
Language English
ISBN 979-8-88622-522-8 (Paperback)
979-8-88622-523-5 (Hardback)
979-8-88622-524-2 (E-BOOK)
Genre Fiction, Contemporary
Pages 268
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 5.500" x 8.500" (216mm x 140mm)


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