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Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing with PageTurner

  • What is PageTurner, and how can your company help me?

    Page Turner is a hybrid publishing company that offers sponsorships and partnerships to authors who have buyable titles. We offer different publishing and marketing services that can help your book—from production to the endorsement of your book.

  • Where are you located?

    We are located in Chula Vista, California.

  • Why should I be interested in PageTurner Press and Media?

    The fact that many people are still calling you every single day just to give you ideas on how you can maximize your book’s sales and make your project a success tells us enough about your book’s potential. PageTurner Press and Media is focused on delivering outputs and great results to let your book get the attention it deserves. We make sure that your book will truly serve its purpose and that your reasons for writing this piece of literature will not be for naught.

  • What benefits can I get working with your company as opposed to other publishers?

    Compared to other self-publishing companies where you pay for every service that is provided for your book, PageTurner provides you with the avenues needed to ensure the success of your book. You will need to transition to hybrid publishing before you can get acquired by traditional publishers. Thus, PageTurner is very selective with the authors it will work with. Its publishing grants are only available to authors whose books have attained high ratings during the internal evaluation and assessment process to maintain its good reputation in the industry.

  • How can you guarantee ROI?

    You and the company are confident of the quality of the book, and that is something we hold on to. However, like any business undertakings, investment is about risk taking, and ROI is a subjective matter in all forms of business. Hence, it is not something that we can easily guarantee.

  • Is there any guarantee?

    Like any business undertaking, we cannot promise any guarantees. What we can promise instead is that we will exhaust all possible avenues to make sure your book gets to where it belongs. We will not stop until we make your dream a realization.


  • What does publishing with PageTurner Press and Media mean?

    PageTurner widens your horizons. When you publish your book under the PageTurner name, you become its business partner. From production to publication, your brand is ensured of the best content, design, printing, and book distribution networks. Best of all, you are in complete control over the publishing process. You are guaranteed 100% royalty from the book sales. Plus, the company gives your book maximum exposure through a variety of marketing campaigns, setting you up to be recognized by traditional publishers and even Hollywood.

  • What happens after my book is published?

    The life of a book does not end after it is published. First, you need to understand the purpose as to why you brought this book to life. Then, we will proceed with getting the right marketing platform to get the product to the right readers.

  • Why do I need to rebrand my book?

    Rebranding is not just focused on relaunching your book. It is more into addressing the pricing, content, presentation, and distribution issues of your book.

    Rebranding is about obtaining these three goals: quality, affordability, and accessibility. Once all three main issues are resolved, we can guarantee that we are able to reach the maximum potential of your book sales. That is where we literary agents will bank on, especially with the endorsement to traditional publishers.

The Professionals behind the Scenes

  • Do you have a dedicated professional for my book?

    At PageTurner Press and Media we will assigned a team of professional editors, proofreaders, formatters, cover designers, marketers, and more that will help bring your book to life and for long-term success.

  • Who will proofread or review my book? Does this person have a PhD?

    We are working with top-notch editors. Our team of editor have years of experience working in the field. And when it comes to reviews, well-known critics will also have the privilege of assessing your book’s content.


  • How and where will the book be sold?

    The book will be displayed through our online retail partners. After the book is launched and live, we will proceed in endorsing the book to our distribution and retail department.

Copyrights and Licensing

  • What is book licensing for? What other fees do I need to pay for publishing my book?

    Book licensing is the process of copyrighting your book. It is a legal process that protects your work from possible copyright infringement. You are registered in the Library of Congress and given a unique ISBN. With this ISBN, your publisher can publish and market your book. Plus, book licensing gives your book its own unique brand and allows you to have full control of your work in terms of royalties, printing, and distribution.

  • Do I retain all the rights to my book?

    PageTurner Press and Media believes that authors like you have the sole rights over your work. Thus, we give you 100% ownership and rights toward your book.

  • What is copyright? Do I need to copyright my book?

    A copyright is similar to a patent where the holder has the legal rights to decide upon the distribution, reprinting or republishing, reproduction, and even the selling of the book. Having your book copyrighted means no one is allowed to republish, reprint, reproduce, or distribute your book unless they have your expressed consent to do so.

    In the United States, copyright eligibility rests on the following criteria:

    • 1. The work must be original.
    • 2. The work must be “fixed in a tangible medium of expression,” meaning it is stored in a tangible form like paper, hard disks, tape, etc.
    • 3. The author must meet the qualified person as requirement in the Copyright Law.

The PageTurner Process

  • How does marketing work?

    Marketing begins with assessment. In this step, PageTurner assesses the book’s marketability and provides options to improve certain areas that make it more marketable. This is implemented in the production phase. Then the preliminary endorsement of the product follows. This ensures that the market is apprised of the launching of the upcoming book. The last step is launching the book and a marketing platform that will increase its exposure. In simple terms, marketing is making sure the readers know you exist. With a successful marketing plan, your target readers can see your media presence and find your book in brick and mortar as well as online bookstores. Best of all, you are exposed to traditional publishers or acquired by book-to-screen scouts. Your marketing platform can make or break your career as an author.

  • How is the price of my book determined?

    In a way, an author determines the price of the book. The book size, format, color, page count, and the quality of the paper for printing are all taken into consideration. The price is quoted based on the standard suggested retail pricing table.

  • How can authors become “best sellers”?

    Authors can become best sellers in various ways. One way is by selling a great number of book copies at a given time frame. Another way is when they are endorsed by a legitimate hybrid company to print media marketing campaigns like the New York Times.


  • How are royalties calculated?

    An author receives 100% of the royalties on all qualified sales of each book published, less the cost of production, retailer, shipping, handling, and processing. Direct royalties are taken from purchases on the PageTurner website and the author’s website while indirect royalties are taken from purchases on resellers, subcontractors, and other channels that are not mentioned in direct royalties. Royalty computations are based on the number of pages, format, and size of the book, which is calculated through PageTurner’s established book calculator.

  • How am I paid my royalties?

    Royalty payments are collated from your direct and indirect sales data and sent via check, wire transfer, or PayPal. International transactions are done through wire transfer.

  • How often will you send my royalties?

    Royalty payments are done quarterly. The payments are processed 30–45 days after the end of each quarter. Authors are qualified to receive royalty payments when the amount due is at least the sum of $75. Should royalty payments be less than $75, the amount will be carried over to the next quarter or when the amount reaches the required due.

  • What should I do if I do not receive my royalties?

    Authors may contact their author advisors or call 1-888-447-9651 for royalty concerns. They may also email

  • Why am I not receiving the full amount that my book is sold for if I was supposed to be getting 100% royalty?

    Yes, authors will get 100% royalty for their book sales; however, the amount that will be paid to you will be the actual book price minus the printing and distribution costs.

  • Are you getting a share of my royalties for book sales?

    PageTurner does not take any percentage for your book sales. Unlike other self-publishing and hybrid publishing companies wherein you are only getting 20% to 25%, PageTurner provides you 100% of the net proceeds of your book.


  • Why do I need to pay?

    Every single cent of your payment will be solely allocated to the publication, distribution, and even marketing of your book. In fact, during the endorsement to traditional publishing houses, PageTurner will take care of all the necessary preparations and paperwork, like the licensing and registration. There are times where the authors we are working with are under another publisher, so to avoid conflict of interest, we need to pay for the book’s renewal of license and registration.

  • How much money do I have to invest?

    Based on experience, many authors are spending too much money on their books without knowing what is needed for their book to sell. We encourage our authors to invest only in certain projects we know will make the book stand out amongst others.

General Queries

  • Where did you get my details?

    Since last year, organizations that have been dedicated to helping authors publish their books have been trying to contact us regarding different authors whose works show potential. These organizations believe in the book’s potential; thus, they reach out to our company, hoping we can be of help to these authors.

  • Where did you hear about my book?

    We receive acquisition submissions from different organizations and agencies. Through this, we are able to receive and acquire great content that never received enough credit and support due to them.

  • My book is not qualified for this business.

    A book’s purpose is measured by the impact it makes. You may not feel it now because people do not recognize its existence, but with proper measures to make you and your book visible, things will change.

  • How much money do I make?

    At the high end of the spectrum, 1.8% of self-published authors made over $100,000 from their writing last year, compared to 8.8% of traditionally published authors and 13.2% of hybrid authors.

  • What is your proof that you can really do something for me?

    We have worked with renowned writers. We can provide you with Amazon links of some of our successful authors.