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Every writer’s branding is as identically valuable as the manuscript. This is one of the numerous things we can learn from bestselling authors, self- and indie-published authors, and many more. Your book could be astounding on the inside, but if the outside is not catchy, then it is a drawback. Many authors have powerful and incredible stories but very little brand presence. This is where we, PageTurner, Press and Media, come in to aid and solve the drawbacks of the writers. We offer this special limited edition on rebranding that can help you have a fresher and more effective look of your brand. This will give you an edge to make your book’s visibility more effective and stunning to the audience.

Branding must be seen as a beacon for authors to illuminate and to market their books effectively. Even though brand strategies are crucial to every author’s end, it is more than just a logo. Your brand as an author is your reputation and your visibility to your target audience. Its identity is a visual interaction of you to your audience as well. Rebranding has become an inevitable process of changing the initial brand into a new and fresh one. It is a market strategy of giving a new and catchy image or design for an already-produced brand. On the other side, rebranding’s idea is to create a different identity for your book, from the crowded market of writers.

There are several grounds why rebranding is necessary for authors:

  1. You need to compete in a crowded market.
    • There are many authors who have been writing different incredible stories. Thus, there is a huge competition in the market. In order to make your book stand-out, you need rebranding to be able to compete in a higher level or in a crowded market you are going to enter.
  2. Your brand no longer reflects who you are as an author.
    • Many stories are reflection of the author’s desire to its intended audience. The goal is to let people read your book and enjoy every bit of it. Since branding is your visibility as an author, it must reflect who you are and what you like.
  3. There is a wide environment of competition where change is constant.
    • In the present time where technological devices easily let people see what they are looking for, it is just in the power of their hands to search any books that they want. Does the first glance of your book arouse people’s interest? This is a new market, so you can have your new target audience as well. Your new brand must have a striking perception and competencies.
  4. People sometimes judged a book by its cover, so make it a better one.
    • You need to go beyond what is expected as an author. If your book cover no longer entices readers, you need to grip to rebranding to suit the readers’ taste as well as your taste as an author.
  5. Apart from the book cover
    • It is of the same importance to make sure your branding is consistent across all platforms. This will leave your audience easily notice the consistency of the flavour you have as a writer.

PageTurner’s rebranding strategy is where you can develop the visual elements that will communicate your book to your target audience. The title, logo, tagline, colors, and the like are the main goals for rebranding. These will ensure that your book is not only impressive on the inside but also great on the outside. This will boost your marketing material and strategy as well.



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