TV Advertising

Whether you’re trying to reach a local, regional, or national target audience, television is one of the most effective ways to advertise. PageTurner can help you reach your specific target demographic by going visual.

Our media specialists know how TV stations operate and how to buy TV efficiently, so you save a good sum of money. With their twenty-five years of experience, they know just how to reach the audience you desire. TV Advertising comes in two packages: TV Advertising Book Preview and TV Advertising Author Story.

The Book Preview

Allow your readers and book buyers to see what your book is all about through our Book Preview service.


The Author Story

TV Advertising Author Story. This service best fits for authors who cannot attend book shows, speaking engagements, book signings and other events that will require them to travel. We will come to them, bring a production crew to help us produce a compelling video about the authors life, reason for writing the book and allow them to pitch their books to their target audience.