Millicent Gets Wings

by Linda Young



About the author
I started my writing career a little late in life. My first books were a series called, The Adventures of Anna and Andy Hummingbird. It is going to be a ten book series with one through six completed and can be purchased. Little “Willy” Wiggle Schmiggle and Maylee and The Brown Paper Bag are two books like this one. At the end of the stories are questions your child can answer. Little Willy “Wiggle” Schmiggle is also interactive. I live in Las Vegas and have for twenty four years now. I own a sign shop which keeps me very busy, and writing is a pass time. I hope to be able to write full time some day. I am married to my wonderful husband and together we sit on our patio and watch the hummingbirds antics. Oh, by the way, Anna and Andy were written about them because they are real. If you have purchased some of my books I thank you!

About the book
Millicent has grown up and it is now time for her to find her own home. On her search she comes across a big red barn and determines that she will live in this barn. While looking around she is being called and looking up, in the tree next to the barn, sit two little hummingbirds. They introduce themselves, Anna and Andy, they are sister and brother. Millicent tells them they can call her Milly. They become friends and play together all the time. One day Andy seems sad so Milly asks him why. Andy says he would love to have her fly with them on their adventures. Well, everyone knows a mouse does not fly, but Anna and Andy don’t let that stop them. They build wings for Milly and teach her how to fly. Their friendship grows every day, and if one did not know better you would think they were sisters and brother. Even though mice do not fly the three of them did not let that stop them, and they proved that if you put your mind to something you can do it!

Additional information

Author's Name

Linda Young

Publication Date

November 5, 2019




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