Truth from the Earth – Volume One: End-Time Prophecies Fulfilled

by Art Shotwell

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About the author
Mr. Shotwell was born in 1948, the son and grandson of ordained ministers. As a child of five or six he participated in prayer and testimony meetings. He was taught as a child to “study all good books.” His writings show that he followed that admonition faithfully. He was the worship leader of his youth group and was ordained in 1966. He studied the Bible at Graceland College (now Graceland University) and was associate chaplain during his time there. As an adult he has preached “the word” in ten states and one foreign country. He and his wife Dawn served as guest chaplains in a physical rehabilitation facility in Virginia for sixteen years, conducting worship services every other month and substituting for other chaplains a few times. Now in semi-retirement, he continues to love the Lord and willingly participates in spreading God’s word whenever he is asked to do so or when the opportunity presents itself.

About the book
Chapters one and two are a partial autobiography that includes much of the author’s testimony and describes events leading up to a moment of serendipity when the author realized the commentary he was reading about Old Testament prophecy and the accounts he was reading about recent history were both describing the same things. These were events that were prophesied to occur in the “last generation.” Chapters three, four, and five identify in graphic detail those persons and events suggested in 500 B.C. who were unmistakable characters and episodes in mid-twentieth-century world history. The author believes that this is incontrovertible proof that the end of the age and the return of Christ draw near. Finally, Volume One includes an appendix, “Through the Valley,” which describes thirty-one times in his life when he could have, or should have, died.

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Author's Name

Art Shotwell

Publication Date

September 27, 2019




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