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Escape to Happiness

Escape to Happiness

by George Park

About The Book

Genealogy is a difficult undertaking in today’s world. People are afraid to meet and hesitant to provide information about themselves or family. Many are secretive that only after their death does information become public. Thus, George is pleased to offer his life’s work of over forty-five years.

Where did you come from? George’s books will answer some of those questions, as well as introduce you to cousins you’ve never met. Perhaps you should take the time. Look them up and say hello.

Publication date December 12,2023
Language English
ISBN (Paperback)
979-8-88963-126-2 (E-BOOK)
Genre Reference, History, Travel
Pages 252
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 6.000" x 9.000" (229mm x 152mm)

About The Author

George Park was born in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1943. His mother was Elgis Rogers, daughter of Cleve Rogers whose wife was Sallie Richardson.

Over the years, George has lived in many different states from Texas to Washington, D. C. He has also travelled extensively across Europe, South America, and to many other countries. He has pretty much seen and done everything and has met many people along the way.

George became interested in his family history in the early 1980s. Many times, before, they took vacations, he would map out their travel route so they could pass near a relative and visit. He’s accumulated information about his family tree.

George is seventy-five and has been happily married for fifty yeas with two daughters, eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. He is retired and busy filling in the blanks about the family he’s never met. He practices with the piano daily and hopes to play it better. He read lots of novels, watches lots of movie, and eats too much popcorn. He loves to cook and does all things that typical old guys dream of doing. He also had a life-long love of classical music and two bookcases fill of orchestra scores. 


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